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Established Kameoka Trial Land as a motor cycle trials competition and training course in 1972.

At first it was a Yamaha course. After few years we started import motor cycles, cars and accessarie as well. Mick Andrews, a pre-world trials champion, Jordy Tarres, also an ex-world trials champion and Ot Pi, a trialsin world champion, have ever been here to Kameoka and joined us.

We have, however, dealt with some overseas companies for years, for example, mainly Handy Home Products, a wooden shed and garage maker in USA, Palazzetti, a fireplace and barbecue grill maker in Italy, and Country Tin in USA as well. We supply those products for Japanese people while running a trials course. Our main business is to import and sell garage, shed and grill by kit. We cover all the regions in Japan from north to south including isolated islands. We have various displays of wooden garages in the huge area and stock a lot in our storage.

We are the first one who opened a motor cycle trials competition and training course in Japan. And we are an importer and distributor of DIY garage kits to the Japanese.

President: Mori Yoshinobu

Company Name: Kameoka Trial Land Inc.

Address: Homme, Kameoka, Kyoto 621-0255 Japan

Int'l phone: ++81-771-26-3377

Int'l fax: ++81-771-26-3378

Open 9:00AM-Sunset

Closed Friday

E mail: mori@kameokatrialland.co.jp

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バナーです It is our banner. Open 9:00AM-Sunset Closed Friday

Kameoka Trial Land Inc.
14 Homme, Kameoka, Kyoto 621-0255 Japan


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